"South Portland students, from here and far away, star in ‘Maine Girls’" | Maine Today

Written by: Dennis Perkins

Opponents of immigration rely on labels to make us forget that we’re talking about people. Maine, despite being the “whitest” state in the nation, has a thriving immigrant community, which makes sense. The occasional blizzard aside, it’s a wonderful place to live and people “from away” (here either for the summer or for a lifetime) only enrich our state. Still, the election of President Trump, whose “travel ban” has been seen as a xenophobic anti-immigrant measure, shows that America has a lot of unresolved issues regarding its newest arrivals.

Yael Luttwak: Hearing that we could document a team of immigrant girls as they went through this program was just something we had to jump at. The girls hail from Maine as well as the Congo, Jamaica, Somalia and Vietnam, all working together in the whitest state in the country – but a state that’s also experiencing an influx of immigrants from all over the world.

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